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Phoenix SoundsScottish Garden Railways - Stock/Price list

Phoenix Sound


Last goods delivered to this station 10 November 2016


(Sound on this page is of Ex LNER B1 No.61264 leaving Perth)

Possibly the best sound systems available for G scale trains are made in the USA by Phoenix Sound. Sounds are samples from the real locomotives, steam, Diesel and electric.

Remember Ohoenix sound boards can be loaded and reloaded with any of the extensive Phoenix sounds library. So if you change from steam to diesel you can transfer the Phoenix board to your new locomotive.

And once the system is installed you can alter many settings on your PC to suit your own tastes. (A Phoenix interface cable is needed for this).

While I supply most Phoenix Sound components for installation in G scale trains they can be used in trailing cars, by the lineside or (with an optional suitable amplifier) in larger scale locomotives on 5, 7 1/4 or 10 inch gauges.

There are two available units:

* The PB11 which will work with either analogue or digital (DCC) systems.

* The P8 which is a digital (DCC) system. It will also work with battery powered locos

You can find more details and even hear Phoenix Sound on the Phoenix Sound web site

I try to keep these in stock and I can supply complete kits or the sound boards, speakers, backup batteries connectors and parts to do an installation.

I will set your Phoenix board with the sound uyou need included in the price.



Now available is the Phoenix Sound P8 board for digital installations only. It needs no battery or sensors

Aristocraft Dash9

A typical installation of a Phoenix soundsystem - in Aristocraft Dash 9

Current Phoenix units and parts

Complete Pb11 kit (v6) - board, speaker, battery pack, volume switch, computer jack, reed switches, magnets and instructions
Complete P8 kit - board, speaker, volume switch, computer jack, instructions
Computer interface kit - cable and sound CD
Other parts - just ask

Accucraft C16

I have installed Phoenix sound in Accucraft C16


LGB Genesis

Phoenix sound will enhance LGB locos such as this AMTRAK Genesis

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