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Last goods delivered to this station 11 February 2018

(Sound on this page is of Ex LNER B1 No.61264 leaving Perth)


About On30?

I know, it's not G scale but I can't help thinking of it as a kind of honourary garden railway, something you can use in the winter while the garden is full of leaves and rain. Having said that I know people have set up 0n30 in the garden and I'm sure it would be quite feasible using PECO Nickle silver track.

I have admired the Bachmann On30 trains for some time but the latest locomotive - a T-boilered Shay see below has finally made me decide it is worth promoting the scale.

On30 trains are (US 1:48) 0 scale running on 00 track representing narrow gauge 2 foot 6 (30 inch). The trains are made by Bachmann. They use 0-12v DC track power as standard, are DCC ready and come with a form of Kadee couplings. Suitable Nickle silver track is made by PECO in their 0 - 16.5 Streamline range (SL-500/SL-E595/6/7).

The Bachmann locomotives and coaches are all based on turn of the century US prototypes. Locomotives include a Mogul (2-6-0) tender engine, an 0-4-0T and 0-4-2T, a small 4 wheel gas/mechanical and the Shay, Climax, a Consolidation (2-8-0). There is a range of coaches, box cars, tankers and now log disconnect wagons. There are also a couple of nice closed street cars. Regular releases of new items do happen.

Accessories fo 0n30

Bachmann make a number of matching 0 scale building kits at very reasonable prices - Plasticville USA (honest). Ask me for details.

Woodland Scenics and Preisser make 0 scale figures which go very well with these trains. Call for more details


2-6-6-2 DCC fitted and with sound

28657/70/71/96/97/98 Spectrum Baldwin 4-6-0 with steel or wood cab. This is very like the G scale "Big Hauler" loco (Note loco shown is the G scale version.)- I now have the ET&WNC DCC fitted version of this loco in green (all other road names out now as well) and it is HEAVY. DCC and Sound version is also available
0n30 in the box
28457/99 Spectrum raibus and trailer with interiors and DCC on board, available now -
Railbus now available

Here is the DCC fitted 4-4-0 locomotive


25476-9 and 25495-9 2-4-4T Forney locomotive. Choice of inside or outside frame versions. Full function extended addressing sound decoders factory fitted.

0n30 Forney with sound


291xx Rail truck, metal cab/body/chassis with prop shaft drive in 6 colour schemes DCC equiped

0n30 Railtruck

259xx Consolidation, metal boiler,chassis, motion, choice of truck frames and chimneys in 6 colour schemes DCC equiped - superb model

0n30 2-8-0

2-8-0 rod detail

Digital equipment - DCC

Most 0n30 locos are now DCC ready (plug and play) - Shay, Climax - or DCC equipped Gas mechanical, 2-8-0, Rail truck and I can supply the Bachmann EZ Command controller and decoders. Moguls and Porters can be DCC fitted but it involves taking your engine apart. There are websites showing how to do this.

Dynamis Digital system (including transformer)

Bachmann E-Z basic DCC Command control unit (including transformer)

Bachmann 3 function decoders

Bachmann Spectrum On30 Shay and logging disconnect wagons. This locomotive is die-cast and so very heavy and rigid. The motor is in the boiler and drives the vertical cylinders, side drive rods and bevel gears exactly as the real engine does. It has an operating headlamp, a choice of coal, wood or log bunker with matching chimney top. As with all of this range Kadee couplers are standard fittings. It is DCC ready. It really is a work of art. NOW DCC FITTED AND WITH SOUND

Also available is the 2 truck CLIMAX DCC fitted and with sound at

Bachmann 0n30 Sahy and log cars

And these (below) is what you can achieve with some work and imagination. This is the Red Rocks Railroad, set in California, 1920's-30's era using Peco 16.5 trackwork(Thanks to Martin Swannell)

Red Rocks Shay

Red Rocks Porter

Bachmann Spectrum On30 - some of the catalogue (Note that most of my Bachmann prices are mainly list -20%). Not all are available all the time.

Note that the Bachmann DCC digital systems or the ROCO Z21 are ideal for on30 The latest engines will be DCC fitted and the others can be converted

I can als supply suitable Gaugemaster 00 controllers and transformers and 00 nickle silver track.


Catalogue Number

(Don't ask me how they work these numbers out but if they end in 98 or 99 the item is undecorated)

Description Price Picture
25014 Starter Sets (with 2-6-0, 3 coaches, circle of track and suitable controller)

Also see below


On30 sets

25128 Closed street car United Traction (with interior lights and directional headlights)

See also -


on30 tram - Hershey

28657/70/77/96/9798 - DCC fitted


28901/2/3/4/5/6 - DCC and sound fitted

Baldwin 4-6-0

See Bachmann DCC page and Bachmann DCC and sound page

£and £

28757/60/61/62/98 - DCC fitted


28701/2/3/4/5/6 - DCC and sound fitted

2-6-6-2 Articulated locomotive with tender £ and £ 2-6-6-2
25241/249/299 Mogul - 2-6-0 £ 0n30 mogul

- Discontinued

0-4-0T Porter locomotive (with front light)   0n30 Porter 0-4-0T

- Discontinued

0-4-2T Porter locomotive (with front light) (Thanks to Martin Swannell)   0n30 Porter 0-4-2T weathered
28501-4 T-Boilered Shay - now with sound and dcc fitted (Thanks to Martin Swannell) £ 0n30 Shay (Weathered)
28601-5 Two truck Climax - now with sound and dcc fitted £ ***Now available
28157-99 0-4-0 side rod gas mechanical locomotive (with front light)

DCC Fitted

£ 00n30 Gas Mechanical 0-4-0
25960-99 Baldwin 2-8-0 Consolidation

DCC Fitted

£ Bachmann 2-8-0
26118/23/99 Jackson Sharp Combine (lighted interiors) £  
26314/18/99 Jackson Sharp Coach(lighted interiors) £  
26418/29/99 Jackson Sharp two door baggage car £  
26994-8 Camp cars - Saw filer, Maintenance-of-way, dining car, commissary car, bunk car £  
27011/12/17/18/29/99 Box Car £  
27198/99 Tank Car £  
27218/99 Gondola £  
27318/23/99 Flat Car £  
27418/64 Reefer £  
27518/99 Stock Car £  
27714/23/29/98/99 Caboose (with lighted interior) £  
27391 Skeleton log Car (3xpairs) -die cast £  
27465-99 Billboard reefers £  
27618-99 Ventilated box cars £  
27818-99 Highside Gondola with load £  
27918-99 2-bay Steel Hopper (2) £ Now available
29133/57/60/61/62/63/99 Rail Truck £ Rail Truck
29801 Woodside Dump Car -die cast (3) £  
29802 V Dump Car -die cast (3) £  
29901 Die Cast Freight Trucks (pair) £  
29902 Die CastPassenger Trucks (pair) £  
29903 Arch bar freight trucks £
29904 Low frame arch bar trucks £  
29905 Vulcan trucks £  
29906 Freigt car underframe - black £  
29907 Freight car underframe Oxide red £  
29908 2-6-0 pilots £  
29909 Resin logs (6) £  
29910 Resin wood load £  

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