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Last goods delivered to this station 04 March 2018


(Sound on this page is of Ex LNER B1 No.61264 leaving Perth)

Aristo-craft Trains logo (R) Aristo-craft Trains



Aristocraft was once one of the major G scale suppliers with a huge range of US outline locomotives, rolling stock and buildings. They also made control sytems, track, buildings, people and other acessories.

Unfortunately they went out of buiness a number of years ago.

Aristocraft control systems under the CREST ELECTRONICS continued in the US so REVOLUTION Train Engineer units are as far as I know still be available to import.

Also a limited part of the range has been seen for sale in the US and Bachmann have introduced items like the Egg liner

Aristocraft still appears on the secondhand market but finding spares will not be easy

So, what I have left here are pictures of some of what Aristocraft made, much of it sorely missed...

GP40 Diesel 23500-22 - 4 motor twin axle bogies, LED lights, smoke unit, DCC ready, speaker fitted - Good solid locos
Aristo class 66.

The only British outline mass produced diesel ever made ... so far

EWS, DB Shenker, Freightliner, Malcolm, GBRf.

In 1:29th scale. Difficult to fault. Has 4 motors (Dash-9 trucks). LED lighting (day and night switchable), smoke unit, fitted speaker, smoke unit, digital ready.

A picture of a Freightliner 66 in action hauling 3 x USA Trains metal tankers
Aristo Intermodal flat cars (PAIR with containers)

And to go with the class 66s, were Intermodal flat cars in DHL, ECS or Malcolm liveries. These had amazing detail, metal wheels and diecast bogies, sprung buffers and opening doors on the containers

Intermodal top
ARISTO-CRAFT DASH-9 44CW 230xx - A fantastic model that weighs 10kilos. 4 motors, smoke and lots of lights, sound ready. This was one of Aristocrafts masterpieces
E8 Union Pacific



Aaristo 21507



Aristo Craft Mallet (2-8-8-2)

First Mallet again

Aristo Craft U25b Another favourite

U25b - CSX -(sample picture)

Aristo Craft FA1 triple sets - These may have been produced in limited numbers in the US

Aristo FA1 (sample pocture)

Aristo Craft RS3

RS3 Union Pacific

RDC railbus 228xx series

RDC railbus - CN

Doodlebug 212xx series.

Aristo craft Reo railbus - This was always a popular model and often came with a matching coach

Rio railbusii

Aristo-craft C16 2-8-0 (1:24 scale) lights and smoke. Coal or wood burning versions

Wood burning C16

Aristo-craft 0-4-0 Switcher with lights, firbox glow, brass rails, smoke and bogie sound tender

0-4-0 Switcher

Aristo-craft centre cab switcher. A reliable all rounder

SP Centre cab

Aristo-Craft L'll Critter 0-4-0 diesel. A great little work horse

Brown critter

Aristo-craft Lil'EGGLINER - Now available again in the Bachmann range

Purple Egg


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