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Second hand/specials/ex-demo:

Last goods delivered to this station 05 September 2019

(Sound on this page is of Ex LNER B1 No.61264 leaving Perth)


Items added when available

The following pictures are of some of my current secondhand stock. Postage at cost unless I've said I will pay it. Most items are in excellent condition and with their boxes... (E&OE)

MORE, different items might also be available- PLEASE CALL 01786464193, 07914347473 or e-mail

BRAWA RhB 280 DCC/Sound, excellent boxed. This is the second version with the improved MOXON motor - 1400
Train Sets
I have a great selection of Train Sets

Bachmann Li'l Big Hauler Circus set. This is a complete train set with locomotive, tender, wagon, caboose, mains controller and oval of TIN track. - 115 * One left * This is a NEW set. I can usually supply a used 4ft diameter circle of LGB brass track (12 pieces) with this set for about 35

PIKO Mighty Hauler set. A complete train set with locomotive, 2 X bogie hopper trucks, mains controller and oval of BRASS track. - 220 This is a great new starter set for G scale from PIKO. Loco is really solid with directional and interior lights (person not included)

LGB passenger starter set. Red Stainz locomotive with sound/lights/smoke, 2 X red coaches, controller, circle of brass track and 4 people - 355. This is a NEW set. New stock price will be a good bit more.

Aristocraft 22605C Santa FE Centre cab diesel with brake van. Unused, all boxes. - 255

Aristocraft Gas stainless steel railcar Canadian National - great condition with box - 325

Aristo-craft o-4-0 switcher loco - DCC fitted and original chuff sound tender PENNSYLVANIA . - 150
SIERRA Coach. Interior, lights, boxed,great condition, - 65

LGB 22660 "Ant Eater" Railbus DCC fitted, several passengers added, excellent boxed - 395

White Pass diesel - Marklin version with DCC and sound. Immaculate with all original packaging - 550

LGB 20390 RhB railxar in red with DCC and sound and a few people. Nice condition boxed -575

LGB 27410 RhB maintenance loco DCC fitted, no box, Very Good - 220

LGB 21410 Tractor With DCC, sound,capacitor and box - 300

LGB 21410 Tractor With DCC,nicely fitted with a crane, boxed - 300

LGB 23900 Blue Diesel With DCC,Sound, capacitor, electric couplings, boxed - 350

LGB Rugen railway 0-8-0T loco. This is the latest Marklin version with DCC and sound. Mint boxed - 700 (at least 950 new)

  LGB 23781 Cambrai much sought after DCC fitted with box - 450

U class 0-6-2t 2171D- A very old "Made in Germany" version of this loco, DC analogue only, as new, tested only with box, real collectors item - 325

This is the earliest U loco 2073D I have ever seen complete with original yellow box with box inserts -250
Richter Special edition Stainz (NEW)- 175 - one left

I also have a GOLD 50th anniversary Stainz (NEW) - 245
Old style WHITE Stainz Analogue, no smoke, no box. Great runner - 95
LGB set Stainz - good condition with sound and DCC ready - 140
I usually have several LGB Stainz locomotives of varying ages and conditions All good runners and tested, Real thing shown -

A real Stainz

NEW two LGB set coaches, plastic wheels - 65 each

Also some second hand at 45 each

LGB sound tender - boxed. Not much used but was hand painted in green. I have removed 99% of the green but odd bits remain - very presentable and DCC ready - 120
LGB Cargo train - weathered, no box but fitted with Massoth DCC decoder and a third party basic diesel sound system, metal wheels on rear bogie and container wagon. - 195
As new, unused, boxed ToyTrain cargo train - 190

LGB 31330/41330 SBB coaches, metal wheels boxed - 150 pair

LGB open wagon in good condition - 40

LGB 47790 GN caboose metal wheels, lights, boxed - 95


As new Bachmann LYN fitted with Massoth DCC/sound and capacitor - 350

Bachmann 2 truck shay. Original box. Very little running. Really nice condition with crew and unopened accessory pack and instructions. One water pipe bracket and CD missing - 500

Bachmann Big Hauler - Black, undecorated, metal rods, sound, smoke, boxed. Runs really well - 160, Also a Virginia & Truckee set Big Hauler (plastic rods) with two matching yellow coaches in excellent condition - 200
Bachmann big hauler with an Aristocraft 8 wheel chassis making a unique 4-8-0.. Built and weathered by a very competant modeller. Runs OK. Metal wheels on tender. Sound disconnected - Must be worth 125 even just to display.
NEW Bachmann street car. Beautiful model with twin motor bogies. lights, opening doors. NEW - 265

Bachmann 2 x pained kit box cars, plastic wheels, no boxes- 30 each - 2 for 55

I also have a few other Bachmann wagons.


Good supply of NEW Thomas troublesome trucks at 38 each
NEW item. Bachmann Sir Topham Hatts car - runs on rails - 112 (to order)
NEW item. Bachmann Sir Topham Hatts himself - 10 (to order)
NEW item. Bachmann Speeder UP (silver) - 93 Orange Maintenance of Way in stock

Liliput (Bachmann) Gondolas, grey or red, NEW, with metal wheels, special offer - 40 each
Available again at last. The Baugley Drewery diesel. Track powered but loads of space to convert to battery. All metal chassis - 350 - This is a NEW item available in Red (as shown) in stock, green (in stock), and blue. Chassis only - 250

PIKO TAURUS (this is a NEW item) fitted with PIKO DCC and electric sound - 295

Class 218 Diesel. 37502. No longer in the catalogue. Maybe the best colour? - 275 NEW

PIKO blue railbus and trailer. Perfect condition boxed - 325

Maybe the ultimate Christmas Train

Be prepared for Christmas 2019. I have a PIKO Christmas train for sale - all in perfect condition, hardly used and in the original packaging. Or why not consider an interesting project convert this train to the Railroad of your choice?
This is the full sound version (not Christmas sounds). It has factory fitted DCC but runs just as well (including the sound) using an analogue controller. This would be 550 for the locomotive and three coaches.

PIKO set coaches (a change from LGB) ex set so new condition - 65 each or 120 pair

NEW - PIKO 4 wheel flat wagons, plastic wheels 37940 -green X 2 and 37904 -brown X 1, big saving

45 each NEW or 3 for 120

USA Trains

USA Trains High hood GP9 boxed. Choice of two #718 and #723 Excellent - 350 each

ACCUCRAFT Ragleth with a few body enhancements. Great little runner. Your ideal first steam loco. Radio controlled with two servos - forward/reverse and speed. With box and instructions. Currently "Wee Bessie" - 650

Some more interesting NEW items.

L & B EXE 2-6-2T locomotive. Live steam manual. I have this one here in stock - NEW 1850
Accucraft Rolling Stock

R19-9B Data only and 9A L&B #23 bogie guards vans (these are NEW items) - 85 each

Other interesting items

1:25th US car kit - 17
I have a reduced selection of secondhand 00 Hornby and Bachmann etc. locos, coaches and wagons. Just ask - I might have something you need.
I have also some vintage 2 and 3 rail HORNBY DUBLO plus Wrenn locomotives and wagons. This has always been an interest and I now have a fair selection of locos, track, stations etc. Just ask - A couple of examples below...
A nice Duchess of Atholl - 60 - All my locos are cleaned oiled and tested, re-magnetized or fitted with neo magnets if needed.

Just a small selection of what I have, changing all the time- Duchess of Montrose - all about 40.

An interesting bit of vintage control gear in amazing condtion in its original box with factory guarantee (now run out!) Works well - suit a vintage 00/H0 layout - Hornby Dublo 3 rail maybe? - 40 PAT tested


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