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Last goods delivered to this station 11 June 2018

(Sound on this page is of Ex LNER B1 No.61264 leaving Perth)


Items added when available
Coming soon. A selection of LIVE STEAM locos from Roundhouse and Accucraft. Also two more Accucraft pairs coaches.

The following pictures are of some of my current secondhand stock. Postage at cost unless I've said I will pay it. Most items are in excellent condition and with their boxes... (E&OE)

MORE, different items might also be available- PLEASE CALL 01786464193, 07914347473 or e-mail

I have a reduced selection of secondhand 00 Hornby and Bachmann etc. locos, coaches and wagons. Just ask - I might have something you need.
I have also recently been offered several collections of vintage 3 rail HORNBY DUBLO. This has always been an interest and I now have a fair selection of locos, track, stations etc. Just ask - A couple of examples below...

A nice Duchess of Atholl - 60 - All my locos are cleaned oiled and tested, re-magnetized or fitted with neo magnets if needed.

Just a small selection of what I have - Duchess of Montrose - all about 40.

Aristo-craft 0-4-0 loco with tender with original boxes, PENNSYLVANIA . Fitted with DCC- has sound tender - 150
Aristo-craft coaches x 2 coach and combine - these are the ex set ones with no interiors, plastic wheels, no boxes but in great condition PENNSYLVANIA . - 70 pair

Very nice, old Delton US coaches Colorado & Southern, combine, coach and mail car. Metal wheels, boxed and two passenger cars have lights and interior detail. 50 each or 140 for three.
Control Systems

A complete PIKO 5amp DCC system (Maade by Massoth) with central station, ransformer, R/C navigator and R/C receiver. Has latest firmware updates. Mains unit PAT tested. Nice condition - 450 (All Boxed) Including Shipping in UK.

An interesting bit of vintage control gear in amazing condtion in its original box with factory guarantee (now run out!) Works well - suit a vintage 00/H0 layout - Hornby Dublo 3 rail maybe? - 40 HAS A CURRENT PAT test

LGB Rugen railway 0-8-0T loco. This is the latest Marklin version with DCC and sound. Mint boxed - 700 (at least 950 new)

LGB maintenance tram with tower inspection wagon. Unused, as new, DCC ready (I can fit a decoder if you would like - for the cost of the decoder) - 325

U class 0-6-2t 21711- A very old "Made in Germany" version of this loco, DC analogue only, as new, tested only with box, real collectors item - 325

U class 0-6-2t 2171D- A very old "Made in Germany" version of this loco, DC analogue only, as new, tested only with box, real collectors item - 325

This is the earliest U loco 2073D I have ever seen complete with original yellow box with box inserts -250

One only RhB "Pullman" coach in green and cream. One very minor scratch on the roof. Has the box but the clear front film is missing -230

I have several LGB container wagons - for example

LGB Ladina Seraina container - Excellent boxed, plastic wheels - 65

LGB Extreme container - Excellent boxed, plastic wheels - 65
Complete LGB MTS Mk11 system available with booster, several handsets and remote modules.

  LGB 2 amp transformer only - controller sold - 20 - 1 left. I also have a couple of Gaugemaster M12 5amp transformers. ALL MAINS UNITS HAVE A CURRENT PAT test
I usually have several LGB Stainz locomotives of varying ages and conditions All good runners and tested, Real thing shown -

A real Stainz

Average price - 75

As new Bachmann LYN fitted with Massoth DCC/sound and capacitor - 350


Good supply of NEW Thomas troublesome trucks at 38 each

USRA 0-6-0

Accucraft USRA live steam 0-6-0 Switcher UP. Butane fired, Never steamed. Lovely model with (slightly tatty) boxes - 1050 plus shipping

This locomotive now has radio control fitting and has been fired up for the first time. Still needs running in and adjustments


PIKO TAURUS (this is a NEW item) fitted with PIKO DCC and sound - 295

Class 218 Diesel. 37502. No longer in the catalogue. Maybe the best colour? - 275 NEW
USA Trains

This USA Trains dock shunter. This locomotive is all metal diecast and is amazingly heavy. It has been weathered, UKised a bit with a different headlight and "chopper" narrow gauge couplings and had a Massoth DCC decoder fitted. This means the original sound no longer works. 200

Something very unusual. Kalamazoo made US style trains many years ago - production stopped well over 20 years ago. The scale is something in the region of 1:29 or maybe even 1:32. I have had this locomotive for a long time but never used it. It runs very well and has a light and a basic sound system in the tender but with a mechanically triggered whistle. It is in it's original box plus there is the outer cardboard box with US markings on it. Might be considered a collectors item as I doubt if you will find another one. Reduced to 250 ono including UK shipping (outside UK at cost)

Some more interesting NEW items.

June 2018 - L & B EXE 2-6-2T locomotive. Live steam manual - 1850

Ragleth no longer in the catalogue. (A different style of loco might be available later this year.).

However I have one left - new

GREEN with factory fitted Radio control - 995

Accucraft Rolling Stock

R19-12B L&B bogie wagon (this is a NEW item) - 70

R19-9B Data only and 9A L&B #23 bogie guards vans (these are NEW items) - 85 each
Other interesting items

  Liliput (Bachmann) Gondolas, grey or red, NEW, with metal wheels, special offer - 40 each

Richter Special edition Stainz - 175 - one left


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