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Last goods delivered to this station 19 November 2014


(Sound on this page is of Ex LNER B1 No.61264 leaving Perth)

If there is anything or any detail of anything I have in stock that you want to see I can e-mail you a picture. Just ask.

I can supply, mostly to order, the ACCUCRAFT TRAINS range

Accucraft Trains are museum quality brass locomotives available with electric motor drive or live steam. These are expensive models but the quality is amazing. Electric locos have Pittman motors running on 0-24 volts and are made to 1:20.5 scale.

A range of box cars, gondolas and cabooses are also made.

To make your own W&L or L&B trucks I can supply wheels, axleboxes and couplings

A range of 45mm brass track now available, brass code 332 flexi track Euro style sleepers. This is compatible with LGB and Aristocraft track. This is working out at 4- 4.50 a foot which is excellent value (note this track cannot be posted):
G202-01 - 6ft x 12 pieces -Check for prices
G202-02 - 6ft x 6 pieces
G202-03 - 3ft x 12 pieces
G201-91 - Rail joiners x 12 -

Earl/Countess - live steam - To order- call for details
RAGLETH. Can be ordered in black, blue, green and maroon, with or without single channel (which works very well as I have tried one) radio control. Chassis also can be supplied seperately. -
Ragleth, side

The Ragleth Chassis is also available on it's own. Here is a 7/8th scale railway (still runs on 45mm track) where the Ragleth chassis has been used to create the motive power (thanks to S.Cowan)
Modified Ragleth chassis

Now out, Welshpool and Llanfair coaches, coach and composite, to go with the Earl/Countess live steam loco -
Composite with VOR Owain
Composite with loco

Available soon. Isle of Man bogie coaches. These were made (the real ones) by placing two 4 wheel coaches on a long chassis. There will be composite, brake composite and all third versions. They are recommended for minimum 3ft radius curves, are 585mm long -
Isle of Man Composite coach

CALEDONIA - Live steam blue or red and electric in red.
Caledonia in action with  4 coaches
Isle of Man 4 wheel coaches/brake coaches
Isle of Man coach close up

Black 5 - Now available to order - Steam version


Black 5 - Early BR

Welshpool and Llanfair Countess or Earl
W&L Countess/Earl

Isle of Man 2-4-0 Electric and steam being developed. "Peveril" (Shown) in Indian Red. These are due again in different colours. Live steam MANNIN, red; PEVERIL, blue and Electric, MANNIN, red.

Live Steam Baldwin 4-4-0 from. -4 versions of Baldwin 4-4-0 live steam in 1:20.3 scale (SPC Red, SPC Green, NCNG Grass Valley and D&RG Col Boone).  

Some of the locomotives pictured below are now not available or not currently available but I have left them just to show what ACCUCRAFT TRAINS have to offer

A look at the Accucraft locomotive Lynton and Barnstaple "LYN" - live steam -

LYN from the side

Whitcombe 4 wheel industrial diesel - Heavy all metal construction with Pitman motor, Delrin chain drive to the second axle, working suspension and lights - Now sold out



Whitcombe in action

(Thanks to P Bakke)

K27 - Was available in the live steam (as shown) version or electric - superb - Now sold out


Shay - Live steam 2 cylinder (as shown) - what more can I say? (thanks to two happy owner/drivers)

Live steam SHAY

Shay with modifications from the other side

Shay again - Live steam 3 cylinder this time - may still be available to order - (thanks to D Sherman) - to order

3 truck live steam Shay

And the steam or electric version of the Shay

Electric Accucraft Shay

Just in case you missed the live steam Garrett (and you most likely did as their were only 70 worldwide - first run) in late 2006 here are a few pictures of it.

  Garrett - live steam


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